The STATE and all CORPORATE fictions are presuming you to be their 14th amendment slave and thereby subject to all their color-of-law statutes, codes and regulations. Are you tired of it? Do you want to reverse these presumptions? Are you seeking freedom and want the documentation that proves you have removed yourself from the tortuous restrictions of their Federal jurisdiction and that you now operate privately in commerce?

Correct your status with our Secured Party Creditor “Alive & Well” service—the ultimate protection from CORPORATE parasites and their minions. Using the system’s own lawful tools, render powerless the tens of thousands of CORPORATE codes, statutes, regulations and “colors” of law that will no longer ordain your life.

Secure the supreme lien hold over your transmitting utility—the ALL CAPS NAME—and   remove it from the stranglehold of usurping deceivers.

Many who come to us have been trying for years to remove these shackles from an overreaching “government” and the IRS’s tentacles. Many experience a disorganized years-long process of chaotic filings and recordings and affidavits that end up in boxes under their bed (so they’ve confessed to us).

Our SPC “Alive & Well” Turnkey Service includes everything necessary to get you to a Secured Party status. With limited Power of Attorney tailored to execute the duties necessary to get you to your new status, we begin by reorganizing your legal trust name to capture your straw man. This is the basis for you to bank Privately. Our streamlined process continues with the UCC filings and Notification mailings, all the while keeping you up to date on our progress with emailed files of each step as we go. All original signed and notarized documents are mailed to you when it is all complete.

As a bonus, we include a Live-Life claim and See Pass (ID) registering with the postal service that you are a living, breathing, flesh and blood “wo/man”. This gives you a perpetual claim number you can use for the rest of your life.

Happy clients say: “…My experience with your staff was amazing…[My] questions and concerns […] were answered quickly and completely. This process of correcting my status is something I have wanted to do for a while. Paperwork is professionally written and contains all the elements needed to be Legal and Lawful Documents….Thank you for helping me.” 

“The SPC process has been a blessing to me and my family. I am pleased to have formed a potent professional relationship with Secured Services Co. Their attention to the details that matter proved to be highly efficient in the fulfillment of the process. Their patience and respect for others allowed for open, helpful conversations on a wide variety of related topics based on their acquired knowledge. I would highly and unequivocally recommend Secured Services Co. to work with anyone. Authenticity is hard to come by these days and their work on my behalf was a true testament to that value. Thank you Secured Services Co.” – Sean, PA

Our SPC “Alive & Well” service is ALL EXPENSES INCLUDED!

Please review the Client Agreement or contact us for more details.